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Driving back though Texas on my way back to the east coast, i was blessed to see one of the most amazing sunsets ive seen in a very long time.  I took as a good Omen of safe travels. =)

The Trip Continues.

The Saint Johns.

We know it is a river. The fact that it is a river is essential knowledge to anyone who lives here. But you look at a photo like this and it could be a lake, a sea, a coastline. Another way to look at this image, criss-cross hatch marks, muted colors, instability, calm or foreboding?

So much to think about.

Who is your Valentine? and how do you feel about V. DAY?

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darryl greenPerforming at an elite level Darryl went to the X-Games in Seoul, Korea to rollerblade for the United States team. Darryl’s skating impressed many, and from 2001 to 2006, Darryl was a stunt-skater/performer in Tarzan Rocks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL. Darryl played a high flying, skating monkey with a bright smile and entertained thousands a day.

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