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As i continue to work on my portrait collection, i find it interesting and exciting to see what each persons expressions will be. For me its all about capturing moments of naturalness.

Focus on the good, it is sure to out weigh the bad in any case.

Big shoutout to my good friend @Kickboardking. if you have not checked out his clothing line give it a look and share.

Im working on my new portrait series and i cant wait to share all the beautiful people and pictures. Stay Tuned


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Driving back though Texas on my way back to the east coast, i was blessed to see one of the most amazing sunsets ive seen in a very long time.  I took as a good Omen of safe travels. =)

The Trip Continues.

The Saint Johns.

We know it is a river. The fact that it is a river is essential knowledge to anyone who lives here. But you look at a photo like this and it could be a lake, a sea, a coastline. Another way to look at this image, criss-cross hatch marks, muted colors, instability, calm or foreboding?

So much to think about.

A little about me

darryl greenPerforming at an elite level Darryl went to the X-Games in Seoul, Korea to rollerblade for the United States team. Darryl’s skating impressed many, and from 2001 to 2006, Darryl was a stunt-skater/performer in Tarzan Rocks at Disney’s Animal Kingdom in Orlando, FL. Darryl played a high flying, skating monkey with a bright smile and entertained thousands a day.